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"With Wonder speaks to us all using testimonials from around the world, showing the hard fight many LGBTQ people have to reconcile God, faith and family, with the journey of faithfulness to self. Though I myself am not a Christian, I, over my years in activism, have spoken to many within my community who have had their own battle to remain true to their belief systems and embrace their true selves. ‘With Wonder’ shares the stories of our brothers and sisters journeys to reconcile that difficult struggle. A wonderful documentary."

- Jalna S. Broderick (LGBTQ Activist)

"With Wonder is powerful. The testimonials proved to be rather profound as people of religious faith presented a lived reality that resonates with so many from the space of religion and church in particular.
This is a film that presents an excellent opportunity for families and church communities to realistically engage what for many is an honestly difficult conversation. Looking forward to a broader international access to this potentially therapeutic exploration for LGBT+ folks, allies, supporters, struggling family members, and church brethren.
With Wonder is truth, love, tears, pain, catharsis, hope, and healing. It is discovering that God's loving grace and presence never leaves God's children."

- Fr. Sean Major-Campbell)

"While I am not religious, I thought it was an incredibly poignant and relevant work.  I was particularly delighted by the connective tissue, the symbolisms used for each of the main characters: the use of water for Rev. Jide; the use of ritual for Rev. Winnie, the invocation of community and activism for Maurice; Family and Tradition for the Asian-American lady; Family and Comedy for D'Lo.  I loved how, as soon as I saw that symbolism, I could see where it was going, and connect it to their individual accounts.  It is excellently done, and I know many audiences will be touched and illuminated by it."

- Santorini. A

"With Wonder’ was a beautiful and inspiring film that every LGBTQ person of faith should watch. It should also be seen by heterosexual people of faith, particularly those who attempt to hinder queer people from a life of worth and dignity. 


The film was a powerful testimony to the strength queer people display and navigate to hold on to their faith. It was also a statement of the determination of queer people to claim their place in the kin-dom of the Divine regardless of dissenters and naysayers. 


As a queer 3rd-year seminarian, ministerial intern, and LGBTQ activist seeing queer ministers of colour speaking about their faith not from a position of defending their beliefs or their calling but in a way that invited others to live into their faith reaffirmed me in my calling and has given me strength for the journey."

- Angeline C. Jackson


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